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Start Your IT Career Today with Texas Tech University's non-credit AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp!

Advance your career with comprehensive IT Bootcamps offered through Texas Engineering Executive Education (TxEEE) at the Cockrell School of Engineering.

TTU is ranked #107 in the 2022 top public universities list.
—U.S. News & World Report

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Bootcamp Graduates Can Work For Top Technology Companies

Your Lifestyle

Your Lifestyle

Easily balance coursework with your academic and professional priorities.

Your Schedule

Your Schedule

Flexible training hours allow you to set your own learning pace.

Your Future

Your Future

Start a successful IT career in AI and Machine Learning knowing you’ve been well-prepared.


How the AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp Works

Texas Tech University's AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp* prepares students for successful IT careers. We pride ourselves on helping students achieve their career goals by teaching them in-demand skills and certifications.
* Non-credit




Learn AI & Machine Learning

Earn Certifications

Start Your New Career

Enroll in Texas Tech UniversityThe University of Texas at AustinContinuing Education's AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp

Get AI & Machine Learning certifications to show employers and build your resume

Jumpstart your AI & Machine Learning career with QuickStart's career services


What Our Students Say


"The amount of information you learn in this bootcamp program is mind-blowing but also a great experience. The mentors and teachers are very helpful and give great instruction. I work full-time and its still easy to find time to complete the coursework and still have time left for myself, but it is a LOT of information to take in. The labs are very, VERY helpful and give step-by-step instructions on how to complete them and they are all relevant to the projects assigned in the course."

- Kevin

"Designed Very Well"

"This Bootcamp is the ideal starting point for anyone who like me is new to data science. The classes started right from the beginning and would help you build a strong foundation. The course was designed very well. I’m not so much of a fast learner, so the simple explanations and the ability to take it at my own pace helped with my progression. Now, I can work with Python, R, and Power BI, I also have great insight in machine learning and will continue to work on my skills. I have no complaint at all about this course. I think the money and time spent is worth the value I’ve gained."

- Anonymous


AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp Experience



Learn with Capstone Projects


Mentoring Sessions


Job Services

Quickstart works with industry experts, hiring managers, and AI and Machine Learning professionals to curate up-to-date curriculum. Your portfolio will be a collection of in-demand skills and proficiencies.

Get two live mentoring sessions totaling 4 hours a week.

QuickStart's career services will help you with resume building, mock interviews, and internship and job opportunities.


Choose Your Learning Track

Program Features

Immersive AI & Machine Learning

Flex AI & Machine Learning

Duration Immersive and flex bootcamps are 24 weeks long. Self-paced with mentoring takes 6–9 months depending on your learning pace. 24 weeks 24 weeks
Mentor-led Sessions Immersive bootcamps feature 2hr mentor session twice a week, flex bootcamps feature 2hr mentor session once a week, and self-paced with mentoring features four, 30min on-demand mentoring sessions. 2hr session, 2x per week 2hr session, 1x a week
Capstone Projects Capstone projects will demonstrate the skills and knowledge you learned throughout bootcamp.
Career Support QuickStart's job placement services help bootcamp graduates find a job in AI & Machine Learning. A career counselor will help you with resume building, mock interviews, and internships and job opportunities. 12-months access 12-months access
Hands-on Labs Hands-on labs sharpen your skills and prepare you for real world scenarios.
Annual Course Access With any learning track, students have 12-month access to 100+ courses.
$7,900* *Pre Pay Discount Available $5,100*  
Explore Pricing Options Explore Pricing Options

Admissions Process

1. Submit your application

Get started with Texas Tech University's career assessment. It only takes 5 minutes, and there’s no fee! A QuickStart admissions advisor will review your application and contact you as soon as possible.

2. Interview with an admissions advisor

You’ll interview with an admissions advisor to make sure the AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp is the right fit. You will also be able to discuss payment options, your career goals, and any other questions or concerns you may have.

3. Pre-course work

Upon enrollment, you will receive non-required pre-course work to get a head start on your learning.

4. Start bootcamp

Begin learning new skills in Texas Tech UniversityThe University of Texas at AustinContinuing Education's AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp.


Career Services

Flexible Payment Options

Real World Projects

Hands-On Labs


QuickStart Career Services

The AI/ML bootcamp equips you with the necessary skills for an entry-level job in AI/ML. QuickStart’s career services include resume building, mentoring and mock job interview sessions to help prepare you in finding your first job and kickstarting your IT career in AI/ML.

My career advisor is really helpful. He replies to the emails quickly, tries to understand the issues and helps in resolving that as soon as possible. Overall this bootcamp is really good and is a great step for beginners to learn programming languages. Deepa, CourseReport.com

Career Counseling

Get four, 30-minute sessions with a career counselor.

Get four, 30-minute sessions with a career counselor.

Interview Prep

QuickStart further prepares you for a successful AI/ML career with mock interviews.

QuickStart further prepares you for a successful AI/ML career with mock interviews.

Resume Building

Build your AI/ML resume with the help of QuickStart's career counselors.

Build your AI/ML resume with the help of QuickStart's career counselors.


Boost Your Earnings And Advance Your Career

Here are some career roles and the data, depending on the location, typically associated with AI and machine learning bootcamp students, which can be obtained with their skillsets.

Emily Yang's Journey Through AI & Machine Learning

Check out Emily Yang’s AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp journey.

My Career Before BootCamp

"Before I enrolled in AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp, I was in entry level IT. The job was okay, but I had higher aspirations."

Finding AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp

"I reached out to an Admissions Advisor, who helped me narrow down which bootcamp and learning track was best for my learning and career goals.]."

Career-Advancing Education

"The hands-on labs and capstone projects taught me in-demand skills and proficiencies, and the mentoring sessions were super helpful. The real-world insight and advice I received from qualified mentors helped me stand out among my peers."

My New Career

"With Texas Tech UniversityContinuing Education's job placement services, I found a new job as a machine learning researcher! I’m more passionate about the work I do, in addition to making more money than at my previous job. "


AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp Course Overview

QuickStart's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Bootcamp is an accelerated program focusing on creating the next generation of AI and machine learning professionals. With capstone projects and hands-on labs, you’ll be well prepared for many jobs, including machine learning researcher, quantitative researcher, research analyst, AI and machine learning developer, and machine learning data science engineer.

You can expect to spend 15–25 hours a week studying the material. You will learn in-demand skills and proficiencies, like python programming and neural networks. You must have an associate degree and experience in data analysis/data science. Basic knowledge in algebra, calculus, and programming is also required.

Introduction To Python

You will learn introductory Python syntax, functions, and good practices. You will also learn linear algebra with Numpy, plotting with Matplotlib and Seaborn, and data frames with Pandas.

Common Machine Learning

You will learn how to train a machine learning model and how to use training data sets with machine learning models. You will also learn how machine learning concepts are applied to real-world scenarios in property prices, health, animal classification, and marketing activities.

Neural Networks

You will forecast and analyze censored data. You will also find analyzed data with a time component, and censored data with an outcome inference. You will learn how to identify common modeling challenges with time series data; how autoregressive, moving average, and ARIMA models work; and how to select and implement various time series models.

Natural Language Processing

You will learn modern neural network algorithms for processing linguistic information. You will learn how to move from word representation and syntactic processing to designing and implementing complex deep learning models for question answering, machine translation, and other language understanding tasks.

Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution

You will learn Azure Portal Navigation, Microsoft Azure Storage Technologies, and implementation techniques. Accounts configuration of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Cognitive Services Consumption in Applications, and LUIS and Bot Integration fundamentals will also be covered.

Capstone Project

Note: Windows OS required to use some of the tools in program.

AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp Certification

During the bootcamp, your career counselor and mentor will help you prepare for other certification exams based off your career goals. It is not expected to take all certification exams during bootcamp.

And Much More!

For a full list of modules and content within this bootcamp, request a full syllabus below.

Download Full Syllabus

AI & Machine Learning Technologies

This bootcamp prepares you to use these top technologies in AI and machine learning.


Learn From The Best Instructors

Our instructors have years of experience in information technology, and will help guide you to completing your AI & ML certification with ease.

  • Albert Lyngzeidetson Albert Lyngzeidetson Cybersecurity, AI & ML, and Cloud Engineering Instructor More Information
  • Jeff Lund Jeff Lund Cybersecurity, AI & ML, and Cloud Engineering Instructor More Information

Texas Tech University Continuing Education Bootcamp FAQs

The University of Texas at Austin Bootcamp FAQs

What kind of bootcamps do you offer?

We offer cybersecurity, web development, data science & analytics, cloud engineering, and AI/ML bootcamps for immersive and flex learning tracks.

We offer cloud engineering and AI/ML bootcamps for immersive, flex, and self-paced learning tracks.

Do I have to stop working or studying if I join bootcamp?

No, our flexible training hours allow you to easily balance academic and professional priorities with bootcamp.

What are the tuition costs for a QuickStart bootcamp?

Immersive bootcamps are $7,900 and flex bootcamps are $5,100. We offer a pre pay discount, a variety of monthly installment options and a deferred monthly installment to cover bootcamp tuition costs. *Deferred monthly installment eligibility depends on U.S. state of residence.

Immersive bootcamps are $7,900 and flex bootcamps are $3,500. We offer a pre pay discount, a variety of monthly installment options and a deferred monthly installment to cover bootcamp tuition costs. *Deferred monthly installment eligibility depends on U.S. state of residence.

How long does the bootcamp take to complete?

On average, flex and immersive bootcamps take about 6-9 months to complete.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! We offer scholarships through QuickStart, Inc. Each application will be reviewed independently through our dedicated team at QuickStart. Bootcamp scholarships are not offered through Texas Tech UniversityThe University of Texas at AustinContinuing Education.

Are there any prerequisites?

Recommended prerequisites vary based on the bootcamp, but most commonly are basic programming, IT, and MS Excel skills.

Can I get a job in IT after graduating bootcamp?

Yes, our bootcamps prepare you for an entry-level job in IT. Additionally, our job placement services can help you find a job!

How many mentoring sessions are there?

Flex bootcamps offer 1 hour mentoring sessions once per week, and immersive bootcamps offer 2 hour mentoring sessions twice per week.

Do you offer career counseling?

Yes, our career counselors will help you with resume building, mock interviews, and internship/job opportunities.

What is the refund policy?

In order to cancel enrollment and apply for a refund, you must notify a financial counselor and academic advisor in writing through an email. You will only receive a full tuition refund up to 7 days before the course start date. Deposits are non-refundable 6 days or fewer before the course start date. Once the course start date passes, you will be responsible for all tuition fees.

What are the system requirements for this bootcamp?

Students are required to have a computer operating system with Windows to access training labs. The current lab environment does not support the Apple M1 chip.

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